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Solo Piano

Now - Live at the Howland
Recorded at the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon, NY and funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, this album showcases Tonooka as both interpreter and composer with two revealing sets. She devotes the first half of the program to standards and classic compositions by jazz masters who have shaped her musical concept. The second set connects the dots between her muses and her compositional imagination, focusing on her beautifully realized originals. An unusually vivid snapshot, the album captures the evening exactly as it unfolded, with no touchups, overdubs or sonic sweetening.

As a Leader

Long Ago Today With Rufus Reid (bass) and Bob Braye (drums). Artists Recording Collective, 2005.

Secret Places With Rufus Reid (bass) and Lewis Nash (drums). Joken Records, 1998.

Here Comes Kai With Rufus Reid (bass) and Lewis Nash (drums). Candid Productions Ltd., 1992.

Taking Time With Craig Handy (saxophones), Rufus Reid (bass), and Akira Tana (drums). Candid Productions Ltd., 1991.

With an Open Heart With Rufus Reid (bass) and Akira Tana (drums). Radiant Records, 1990.

As a Sideman

Live at the Kennedy Center With the Rufus Reid Quintent. Motema, 2007.

Kindred Spirits With John Blake, Jr. (violin). Spirit Records, 2000.

The Traveler With John Blake, Jr. (violin), Boris Koslov (bass), and Johnathan Blake (drums). 2007.

Bobby Zankel — Seeking Spirit Bobby Zankel, saxophones. Cadence Jazz, 1991.

John Blake — A New Beginning John Blake Jr., Violin. Radiant Records, 1988.