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Now (Solo Live at the Howland)
1. I Hear a Rhapsody
2. Heaven
3. I'm Old Fashioned
4. Mary Lou Williams Medley
5. Evidence
6. All of You
7. Phantom Carousel
8. Sojourn 1 and Uganda Blues
9. Morrocan Daze
10. Mingus Mood
11. At Home
12. I'm Confessin

With Erica Lindsay (sax), Rufus Reid (bass) and Bob Braye (drums). Artists Recording Collective, 2009.

1. Mari (Erica Lindsay)
2. Mingus Mood (Sumi Tonooka)
3. South Street (Sumi Tonooka)
4. Initiation (Sumi Tonooka)
5. Serpent’s Tale (Erica Lindsay)
6. In the Void (Sumi Tonooka)
7. Somewhere Near Heaven (Erica Lindsay)
8. Black Urgency (Erica Lindsay)
9. The Gift (Sumi Tonooka)
10. Yes (Erica Lindsay)

Long Ago Today With Rufus Reid (bass) and Bob Braye (drums). Artists Recording Collective, 2005.

1. Be the Dance (Sumi Tonooka)
2. All of You (Cole Porter)
3. The Clinging (Sumi Tonooka)
4. Dreaming of Tibet (Sumi Tonooka)
5. Quantum Question (Sumi Tonooka)
6. Long Ago Today (Sumi Tonooka)
7. Renewal (Sumi Tonooka)
8. Moroccan Daze (Sumi Tonooka)
9. Just for Now (Sumi Tonooka)
10. Nami’s Song (Sumi Tonooka)

Secret Places With Rufus Reid (bass) and Lewis Nash (drums). Joken Records, 1998.

1. Susumu (Sumi Tonooka)
2. Secret Places (Sumi Tonooka)
3. Over the Rainbow (Arlen-Harburg)
4. Waking Time (Sumi Tonooka)
5. ‘Round Midnight (Monk-Williams)
6. Beginning Again (Sumi Tonooka)
7. Tempus Fugit (Bud Powell)
8. Never Again (Sumi Tonooka)
9. Phantom Carousel (Sumi Tonooka)

Here Comes Kai With Rufus Reid (bass) and Lewis Nash (drums). Candid Productions Ltd., 1992.

1. Giant Steps (John Coltrane)
2. It Must Be Real (Sumi Tonooka)
3. At Home (Sumi Tonooka)
4. In the Void (Sumi Tonooka)
5. Warm Valley (Duke Ellington)
6. Upper Manhattan Medical Group (Billy Strayhorn)
7. The Mystery (Sumi Tonooka)
8. Here Comes Kai (Sumi Tonooka)

Taking Time With Craig Handy (saxophones), Rufus Reid (bass), and Akira Tana (drums). Candid Productions Ltd., 1991.

1. Taking Time (Sumi Tonooka)
2. Yours and Mine (Sumi Tonooka)
3. Seriously Speaking (Sumi Tonooka)
4. Shadow Waltz (Sumi Tonooka)
5. Night and Day (Cole Porter)
6. Out of the Silence (Sumi Tonooka)
7. Station Levitation (Sumi Tonooka)
8. In the Night (Sumi Tonooka)
9. One for Mary Lou (Sumi Tonooka)

With An Open Heart With Rufus Reid (bass) and Akira Tana (drums). Radiant Records, 1990

1. Subterranean Journey
2. It’s About Time
3. Now That I Know
4. Spur of the Moment
5. Phantom, Carousel
6. Sweet and Bitter Suite
Without You
With an Open Heart

7. How Can This Be

Kindred Spirits With John Blake, Jr. (violin). Spirit Records, 2000

1. I Hear a Rhapsody (Fragos/Baker/Gasparre)
2. Susumu (Sumi Tonooka)
3. Isfahan (Billy Strayhorn)
4. Evidence (Thelonius Monk)
5. Song for Abdullah (Kenny Barron)
6. Maiden Dance (John Blake)
7. Over the Rainbow (Arlen Harberg)
8. Just Friends (Klemmer/Lewis)
9. Parisienne Thoroughfare (Bud Powell)